"When should I wash raw denim?"

We know six months without washing your jeans seems a little... disgusting. However, there are two easy steps around the "ick" factor.  

1. Stick them in the freezer
The freezing temperature will kill the bacteria without washing the dye out.
2. Fabreze them.
Or use your favorite odor killing spray. It's essentially the same as scented detergent, but with more choices.

(Photo Credit: Nudie Jeans)


Make an Impact | Nudie Jeans

It's no secret denim used to be one of the least eco-friendly wardrobe necessities to produce. However, the key words here are used to be.

Levis has launched a waterless denim line and G-Star partnered up with MADE-BY to implement sustainable manufacturing, but the one brand we cannot stop talking about are Nudie Jeans.

Not only did this Swedish based company create jeans that make your glutes look like you spent the last week in the gym, but their global aware efforts easily make them one of the coolest denim brands on the market (and in our closet).
How They Help
Nudie Jeans are members of the Textile Exchange. Some of you may know them as the Organic Exchange, a non-profit that supports the growing and trade of organic cotton.

By fall of 2012, Nudie will reach it's goal of producing an entire denim collection made entirely of certified cotton by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).  This means their cotton fields have been pesticide free for three+ years and they've carried out organic procedures through production.

Of course, denim wouldn't be possible without the help from some talented farmers.  By using fairtrade, Nudie is able to ensure they are being compensated a fair price that will help the growth of their community.

Watch the short movie below to see how Nudie recycles their denim that has been loved to death!

(Photos: Nudie Jeans and Google Images)


The Lonesome Billies

Tonight isn't the Lonesome Billies' first rodeo, at least not when it comes to playing First Thursday.

We always look forward to having them, but our excitement doubled (okay, tripled) when they told us they're releasing their new EP, "Useless Bay" this Summer!  

Below: Last year's performance. 
How could you NOT want to party with these fellas?

Just in time to provide the perfect soundtrack for any road trip, all you need now is a few friends and a paper map. Sorry Siri, you're not invited.

For more info on this self-proclaimed "band of degenerates" check out their music here,
befriend them on Facebook, AND follow them throughout their debauchery on Instagram @thelonesomebillies.
See you all tonight!


Dear Seaecho, Portland Loves You Too

Seaecho is a fairly new brand to the Lizard Lounge family that is rapidly making it's way to the top of every lady's "need" list.

It was only a couple weeks after we received our first shipment when we noticed the portfolios and mini-portfolios on the streets downtown, at after work "happy hours", and even on fashion blogs.

So why do we love Seacho? Well, let us count the ways…

1. Portland based designer, Sarah Vale Rapp.

We support all things local, but when we met Sarah it went beyond that.  Yes, she is insanely creative, but she’s also one of the most gracious and genuine designers we’ve had the chance to work with. 

Not to mention she hand sews each bag...with love, of course.

2. It’s a refreshing change of pace to the Pendleton obsession.

We love Pendleton, a lot, but living in the NW we also see it, a lot.  Sarah’s fabric color choice, along with the simple structure of each piece, makes for a chic go-to accessory.  Whether you’re looking for a statement piece or are daring enough to pair with contrasting patterns. 

3. The “Three-in-One” Portfolio.

Versatility is key, especially on those days when you feel you might not even get a chance to breathe. 

Problem solved. You can use the portfolio in the morning, switch it to an iPad case in the after noon, and an oversized clutch by night.  

Available now at Lizard Lounge:

Portfolio- $79
Mini portfolio- $39
Pencil pouch- $20
Laptop case- coming soon!

For more information visit her website!