Brand Profile | Raleigh Denim + Workshop

Hailing from the birthplace of American denim, North Carolina, Raleigh denim was founded and designed by husband and wife, Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko, in 2007. 
(photo courtesy of Raleigh Denim)

Determined to create the perfect jean, the duo worked with residents who had worked in the last Levi Strauss factory to learn older craftsmanship techniques while incorporating modern detailing.  They remade machines from the 1920's for authenticity, making each pair by hand using White Oak Cone denim in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Their first line debuted in 2008 and were selected to join the Council of Fashion Designers of America.
(photo courtesy of Raleigh Denim)

Although they have had great success, their manufacturing team remains small. Each piece is numbered and signed by the "jeansmith" that made them, which makes them truly one of a kind.  


Back to school!

Show us your student or teacher ID and receive 20% off all full priced items for the month of September!


Let 'er Buck!

This weekend marks the 104th year of the famous Pendleton Roundup.  Back in 1910, the rodeo shut down the town drawing over 7,000 spectators. Flash forward to now and it's one of the largest rodeos in the world with 50,000+ people riding in.

In honor of our men's buyer being born and raised in Pendleton, OR, the ladies of the lounge are packing their bags and heading West... errrr, technically East, to embark on the festivities.

See what has inspired them below and as the old saying goes LET'ER BUCK!

 For the dudes: LVC 1970's Western shirt, Pendleton Let'er Buck cologne, Stanley flask, LVC 1947 501 jeans, vintage blanket.
For the lasses: Primecut palomino cross body, Izola "Put hair on your chest" flask, Current/Elliot "Perfect Shirt", H by Hudson Riley boots, Made & Crafted empire high waist jeans. 

Follow the ladies on their rodeo adventure this weekend on Instagram at @lizardloungepdx!


Currently Channeling | The Sandlot

Baseball, denim, throwback tees, and sneakers, these are a few of our favorite things. So when we got the Shwood Canby Slugger set and PF Flyers in stock, we instantly were inspired to recreate the look seen in The Sandlot (not so coincidentally one of our favorite movies). 

Shwood's Canby Slugger Select set

In honor of 130 years of baseball, Shwood teamed up with Louisville Slugger to celebrate American craftsmanship's involvement in the sport. Only 200 sets were handmade, using USA grown ash wood that was harvested in New York. The glasses feature the iconic paint dipped detail Slugger uses for their bats on each of the legs. Each box contains a baseball card, glasses case, the Canby Sluggers, and half of a bat (the other half was used to make said sunnies).

PF Flyers

As you may remember, these All-American classics were the essential component for Benny "The Jet" when he saves the Babe Ruth ball from the notorious junk yard dog. Don't remember? Check out the scene below!

"You're killing me smalls!"

On Charlie: Shwood Canby Slugger Select set, LVC 1950's sports tee, Naked and Famous Dirty Fade jeans, PF Flyers The Sandlot shoes.

On Ashley: Fetch Eyewear Felix glasses, LVC 1950's sports tee, Naked and Famous The Straight jean, PF Flyers Center Hi shoes.

"Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong."


Meet the Makers | Father's Day

Join us this TODAY from 12-4pm for our Father's Day trunk show featuring Portland based brands One Man Made, Otter Wax, and Harding & Wilson.

We will be serving complimentary old fashion's poured by special guest mixologist, Arsenio Torres.

One Man Made: A fairly new brand to the fine leather good's scene, OMM is a one man operation focusing on minimalistic design using high quality leather sourced from the US. 

Otter Wax: An all natural fabric care, leather care, and apothecary line produced by hand. Chris, the brains and hands behind the brand, will be on site today giving product demonstrations!

Harding & Wilson: Inspired by turn of the century style and NW influences, H&W has shown us that bow ties are not just for black tie affairs and quirky algebra teachers, but instead, are for everyone. acceptable for everyday wear.  From concept to production, each tie is handmade in Portland.

Don't forget! Tomorrow is Father's Day.

(photos courtesy of designers' websites)


Brand Profile | The West Is Dead

Occasionally we come across a brand whose story is just as compelling as the clothing they produce. One of our newest brands, The West Is Dead, is the perfect example of that.

The Story

The company was started in Montana by two friends Kaelen McCrane and Will Cheng.  Both having an admiration for American heritage and a desire to revive the dwindling tradition of craftsmanship, they teamed up and started The West Is Dead.  Knowing they wanted to produce everything in the United States, they emptied their savings and headed west for Los Angeles. Since neither had experience in manufacturing or the fashion industry (with the exception of an outdoor retailer both used to work at), they relied solely on ambition and perseverance to get the line out there. After showing at their first trade show they received stellar feed back and moved forward with the line. Today, McCrane and Cheng have kept the company small in order to serve high-quality, hand made clothing to their customers making sure every detail is just right.  

The Clothing
Each piece is hand made in LA using high quality, raw materials with an emphasis on structure, function, style, and quality. 


Besides from making beautifully constructed garments in the US, another big goal of the brand is to collaborate with different foundations to help preserve and protect the American West.  For their first partnership, they teamed up with the Intertribal Buffalo Foundation.

The Intertribal Buffalo Council (ITBC) is a non-profit organization comprised of 57 American Indian nations and 15,000+ head of buffalo. The mission of ITBC is to coordinate and assist American Indian tribes in helping return the buffalo to their native land.

So as you can see, we are extremely excited The West Is Dead is now available at the lounge!

For more information follow the West Is Dead on: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

(Photos courtesy of thewestisdead.com)


American Psycho x Denham

It's no secret we kind of have a "thing" for denim. Some may call us "denim heads" (although we prefer connoisseurs), but just because we take our denim seriously doesn't mean we do the same for ourselves. So, when we saw the guys over at Denham filmed a parody on the movie American Psycho combining two of our favorite things, denim and coffee, we were instantly intrigued.

Bravo guys, bravo.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go return some videotapes.


Artist of the Month | Arielle Adkin's

With a New Year brings new art and this month we are featuring Portland artist Arielle Adkin's Blue Print series.

Inspired by "natures ability to thrive in a man made world", each series evolves around society's struggles to incorporate man, hand, and nature made made elements into our lives.

For more information on Adkin's, visit distillart.com