Railcar Denim

Railcar Denim

Hailing from Arcadia, California, Railcar Denim is the latest addition to our hand-picked premium denim collection at Lizard Lounge. Railcar Fine Goods uses originally designed patterns and crafts their denim using older, traditional, manual and rare vintage sewing equipment including black Union Special and Singer machines.

Railcar Fine Goods founder Steven Gang got his start at the Los Angeles Metro fixing and repairing passenger trains. His mechanical background is reflected in his work, “Every stitch has a function, every angle has a function and with function comes beauty.”

Look for the two styles of Railcar Denim at the Lounge:

The Spikes X001 made of 13.5oz American Cone denim with a red line selvedge edge
The Spikes X009 made of 16oz Japanese denim with a red line selvedge edge